Travel Bucket Lists Can Turn Dreams Into Reality! 

Many people keep a bucket list of things they’d like to do or accomplish during their lifetimes. For some, that bucket list exists only in their minds, and for others the ideas are written down or kept in a computer file.

As your travel advisor, we have a unique opportunity to work together to tap into your bucket list of ideas and develop one or more travel-based lists to assist you in reaching you dream destinations. 

Travel bucket lists will likely include destinations you’d like to visit in the short term, say during the next year or two, and in the longer term, five to ten years out. 

Bucket lists can be further refined into themed categories like family trips, friend adventures, romantic interludes, special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries, and trips that focus on a specific location or culture, such South American mountains to climb, European waterways to cruise, exotic cities to visit, etc. 

Making lists according to a person’s age is another way to organize your dream destinations. Where do you see yourself adventuring in your 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond? 

The beauty of having several lists and keeping track of the items on them is that it helps you focus your time, energy and money into achieving your goals. Numerous studies have shown that when people work toward a specific goal, they stay motivated and are likely to accomplish what they set out to do. 

We can help you set a specific year or date for each item on your bucket list. Knowing when you will travel keeps the excitement building, and if you need to save for the trip it gives you time to do so. 

We help our clients build their bucket lists by brainstorming together. We ask lots of questions: 

  • What kind of adventures do you like? Salmon fishing, sunning on a beach, eating new kinds of food, visiting historic sites, etc.? 
  • What did you dream of doing when you were a kid? 
  • What’s the number one place on the planet that has always fascinated you?
  • Do you like to take trips that involve a lot of spontaneity or are you more comfortable when your itinerary is organized and scheduled? 
  • Do you read books that are set in certain locales like India, Patagonia, Alaska or Norway that make you want to visit?
  • What’s the main reason you’d like to travel to a certain location?
  • Are you hooked on “Best Of” lists — and which of the destinations listed would you want to visit and why?

Once we’ve helped you develop one or more bucket lists, we will keep a record of it for you and promote the destinations when appropriate by sharing articles, videos or movies about the places you want to travel to or inviting you to a travel evening or bucket list webinar. 

Bucket lists are a useful tool to help you stay accountable and excited about all the fascinating places you are going to visit. 

Bucket lists help make your travel dreams come true.

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