How Did A California Boy & A Dutch Girl Meet?

Ilja grew up in a small village near Amsterdam, interned in Prague and the United Kingdom, spent time in Ecuador, and worked in hotel management in London for several years. She speaks four languages fluently. Needing a dose of beauty after the hustle and bustle of the city, she headed for the Anse Chastenet resort in St. Lucia.

Brad, a California native and a Navy veteran who spent time in the Middle East and also lived on Okinawa and Guam, was a scuba instructor at the resort dive shop. It was love at first sight, with Brad and Ilja connecting over a love of travel and adventure.

Fast forward through the years. Ilja explored the world while working aboard some of the “Dam” Ships of Holland America Line, and Brad pursued his love of scuba diving in Grand Cayman as a scuba instructor and submarine pilot and mechanic. Both later worked as scuba instructors on the Windstar ships in Europe and the Caribbean.

Eager for another adventure, Ilja and Brad spent three years as innkeepers at a luxury inn and restaurant in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. In 2013, they moved to Key Largo, Florida, and Ilja made her own travel dreams come true — by starting her own travel planning business.

Brad joined her in the business in 2022, and now the couple calls on their worldwide experience and travel expertise to make each client’s travel dreams come true. They enjoy working closely with their clients, helping them find the destination and itinerary they want that is within their budget to build the perfect itinerary.

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