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As seasoned travel professionals we can help you fulfill your travel bucket list adventures anywhere in the world. Is your next trip on this list or do you have another destination or adventure in mind?

Unique Custom-designed Itineraries

Let your travel dreams come to life with our unique, custom-designed itineraries. Explore the farthest reaches of the world safely and confidently knowing that every aspect of your journey has been impeccably researched. 

We save you time, remove the stress of making multiple decisions, and arrange for the best drivers and guides you can trust.  

What’s Your Destination? Africa • Antarctica • Galapagos • South America • Australia & New Zealand • & More!

Bucket List Travel

Beach Getaways • Ocean & River Cruises • Luxury Getaways

Every traveler needs to disconnect, unwind and recharge from their busy life at least once a year. Are you a beach lover or a cultural explorer? Want to hike, bike or scuba dive? Perhaps total relaxation is your goal.

Whatever you imagine, we can assist you in planning a vacation that exceeds your expectations. Leave the stress and worry of booking your travel in our expert hands and get ready for an unparalleled experience. 

What’s Your Destination? Caribbean • Europe • USA — Hawaii, Alaska, New England • & More!

Vacation Packages 

SEEK AN Intimate Local Interaction & Authentic Cultural Experiences

A traveler wishing for an immersive experience in a particular place is likely to go deeper than the average tourist while also giving back to the local community. 

For our uniquely designed itineraries we engage carefully vetted local guides or you can travel on one of our signature trips. Ilja guides tours to her hometown in the Netherlands to see the colorful spring tulip displays. Or let Brad guide you to a pristine dive destination for an amazing and unforgettable scuba adventure

What’s Your Destination? The Netherlands • Ecuador • St. Lucia • New Hampshire • Cruises • & More!

Experiential travel


Our carefully selected itineraries ensure added value and/or discounts. We focus on Individual Group Travel that takes advantage of group benefits such as adding your reservation to a group allotment. You travel independently but benefit from the group rates. Or create your own group of like-minded travelers to benefit from group discounts.

Group Travel Comes in Many Variations

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Ilja and Brad’s Tips to Reduce Jet Lag

Ilja and Brad have travelled through multiple time zones to reach
destinations around the world. Download their favorite tips that can help
you reduce jet lag on your next travel adventure.


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