Terms and Conditions


Voyage Blue Travel LLC is privately owned by Ilja and Brad Chapman. We started the business in 2014 and have assisted many travelers make their travel dreams come true. Each of us has travelled extensively, we have worked aboard cruise ships, and Ilja has travelled on all seven continents.

Our commitment to serving YOU is our highest priority. We advocate before, during and after your trip to ensure that you travel with the safety and comfort you deserve.  Our time is spent not only in creating and booking your next vacation but also in maintaining the valuable relationships with the industry partners we work with and trust. We spend money on the tools and resources needed to create a seamless planning and booking experience for you.

OUR INTENT: To assist you to plan and book your next dream vacation with an experienced travel advisor. We will be your support team whilst making the planning part Exciting and Fun!

OUR RELATIONSHIP STARTS HERE: It is our goal to get to know you and to fully understand your travel needs, experiences, expectations, and travel budget. You will be asked about your favorite trips in the past and about that time things didn’t go as planned. We like to know what your favorite drink is, what interests you and where you like to hang out on a Sunday. Together we will design your next trip in detail.

PLANNING AND BOOKING: After the initial exploration call, we will begin the research and start designing your trip. You will be presented with several travel options until we have found the right itinerary for your budget and travel needs. We ask for your honest feedback to make sure we are on the right path. The entire booking can be built in stages. Throughout the process we welcome your input. Leave it up to us to add some unique experiences and surprises.

SERVICE FEE STRUCTURE: At the beginning of our journey working together on your next dream vacation, you are asked to pay a $150 non-refundable deposit which will be applied to the total service fee. The fees are calculated differently for a packaged trip with Multi travel components then for a Basic trip.


  • Research, planning and booking of any type of vacations; like escorted tours, cruises, vacation packages, all-inclusive resorts, road trips, train vacations and any complex individualized complex travel trips.
  • Initial exploration video call to understand tailor-made the trip to your expectations.
  • Full-Service Travel arrangements – we manage all travel components.
  • Pre-post and during travel support
  • Unlimited changes in the trip proposal
  • Assistance with changes to booked travel components.
  • Organization of detailed travel documents
  • Ready-to-travel video call
  • Easy to use APP with your detailed itinerary on your phone.
  • Assistance filing insurance claim.
  • Use of reputable and often personally vetted tour operators, hotels, and providers


  • PACKAGED TRIPS (including several travel components)
    • 5% of total trip cost – to be paid at final pay date.
    • (example for a $6,000 trip, 5% service fee is $300 minus the $150 deposit)
  • BASIC TRIPS (with only one type of travel)
    • $150 Hotel-only itinerary, per trip 
    • $150 Cruise-only booking, per household.
    • $150 Flight-only domestic (up to 2 passengers)
    • $250 Flight-only international (up to 2 passengers)

Fees are valid for new trip bookings as of January 1, 2024

Fees are per trip reservation and non-refundable.

Payments of fees are processed at final pay of the trip (minus the $150 deposit paid)

All fees will be charged to the credit card you used to authorize to pay for travel services.

If flights are part of a vacation package or custom designed itinerary no additional fee is added.

In case of a cancellation the paid service fee could be recovered on an insurance claim 

CANCELLATION FEE: In the unfortunate event you need to cancel your vacation after all travel components are booked, you will be charged a cancellation fee. Our team will assist you through the cancellation process and navigate the cancellation policy as set by the suppliers. To protect your investment, we recommend our clients purchase travel insurance to protect their investment in case of a cancellation.  Our team assists in preparing the paperwork required to file a claim as part of the cancellation fee.

Cancellation Fee PACKAGED TRIPS (including several travel components)

  • Before Final Payment – $195 Cancellation Fee on top of the Non-Refundable $150 deposit
  • After Final Payment – 5% Service Fee paid is non-refundable, no additional cancellation fee

Cancellation Fee BASIC TRIPS (with only one type of travel)

  • Before and/or After Final Payment – $45 Cancellation Fee, Deposit is Non-Refundable



  • Concierge service (restaurant, spa, and theatre reservations)
  • Complex Visa Application
  • Emergency services out of office hours
  • Any extraordinary services related to the trip but not described at the time of booking.
  • Major changes made to the trip after the entire trip is booked

GROUP TRAVEL BOOKING: A group travel service fee will be charged depending on the group type and complexity of the booking and agreed on at the beginning of our journey working together. This can be set up to be paid by the group leader or each traveler.

VILLA RENTAL BOOKING: $300 non-refundable deposit plus 5% service fee

We offer private home and villa rental options which can include hiring staff (cooks, chefs, spa, etc.) and other in-villa services. We can also arrange for tours and private transfers since the villas are located in a gated area.


Trip:                   Travel reservation for one household with one or more travel components booked

Household:        One family living at the same address

Office hours:     Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm EST – Non-Holiday

Insurance :         Claim filing assistance is only offered when policy booked with Voyage Blue Travel

Group travel:     A group of people traveling at the same date to the same destination. (Family reunions,                           multi-generational travel, incentive groups, reward trips and more)

Voyage Blue Terms and Conditions

IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING YOUR BOOKING:  You must not accept any booking unless you understand and agree to the following terms and conditions.

These Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) become effective between Voyage Blue Travel LLC (“Agency”) and you (including all travelers on the same booking) (“you” or “Traveler”) upon your signature (electronic or written) or payment authorization until terminated in writing by you or Agency.

These Terms are subject to change at any time, without prior written notice. The effective version of these Terms is located at Voyage Blue Travel LLC Terms and Conditions.

IMPORTANT CONDITIONS: Prices are subject to change prior to the time you make full payment. Prices are not subject to change after you make full payment, except for charges resulting from increases in government-imposed taxes or fees. As noted above, by making the booking, you expressly acknowledge your acceptance of these conditions (i.e., changes before full payment and increases attributable to government-imposed taxes, fees or carrier-imposed surcharges after full payment will be your responsibility) applicable to your purchase.

PROVIDERS WE WORK WITH: Through our network and affiliated travel partners we have access to many reliable providers and have built personal relations with many. Most often we work on a commission basis but in some cases will charge a fee to maximize the value of your investment. We strive to ensure that the price you pay is the same or lower than if you book the trip yourself — but we take care of the details, so you don’t have to. Don’t hesitate to call your travel advisor with any questions or when in doubt.

TRAVEL INSURANCE: For your protection, we strongly recommend that you purchase trip cancellation and travel accident insurance. However, no representation or description of the insurance made by Voyage Blue Travel to you constitutes a binding assurance or promise about the insurance. Please complete your travel insurance form, sign it, and return it to us. If you decline travel insurance, you will be required to sign a form stating insurance was offered and you declined it. Voyage Blue Travel is not an insurance company and has no responsibility for the submission, payment, or adjustment of any insurance claims. Any claims that may fall under the relevant travel insurance policy must be submitted to the insurance company identified in the policy.

PAYMENTS: Voyage Blue Travel is a fully accredited Seller of Travel of Florida affiliated with Travel Resources Group as our host agency. In most cases payments for any of the travel components are made directly to the supplier with your credit card. We ask you to complete a credit card authorization form for our files to pay for travel services. All fees will be charged to the credit card you used to authorize to pay for travel services.

PASSPORTS/VISAS: All individuals departing from the United States of America must be in possession of a valid passport. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have valid travel documentation, including but not limited to passports and visas, which meet the requirements of immigration and other government authorities at every destination. You are responsible for confirming with the United States Department of State or representative government agency of the country to which you are traveling to confirm the requirements for visas and/or other requirements for admission to your destination. Any fines, penalties, payments, or expenditures incurred as a result of such documents not meeting the requirements of those authorities will be your sole responsibility. A government issued photo ID is required for travel within the USA. Please see the Travel State Gov website for more information.

HEALTH AND SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: It is the responsibility of the traveler to ensure you are aware of any health requirements for your travel destinations and to ensure that you carry all necessary vaccination documentation. Please advise your consultant of any special requirements you may have, for example, special meals, medical requirements and so on.

Working with us will take the stress out of travel planning and getting ready for takeoff is a breeze. During your trip you experience the comfort of your personal concierge guiding and assisting you when needed. Bon Voyage!

Don’t hesitate to call your travel advisor with any questions or when in doubt.